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ADVANCE AMERICA IS THE WORST LOAN PLACE ! I am now getting into a job but I needed only $100 to pull me over until the next week.

So I decided to try this CRAPPY place ! Not thinking that maybe I should look up some reviews of them. Their prices were reasonable and better than ACE CASH EXPRESS. So I started a chat with one of the representatives.

The first one that tried to help me took almost FIVE MINUTES just to respond to each question. Then the answer was irrelevant and I never got the help that I needed. So I tried it again because they DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE ! The second one helped me.

Their website kept acting up and I had to keep refreshing the page just to get somewhere. I should have known then to leave this place alone, but I had things to do. So, I submit it finally and two seconds later I get a phone call from them telling me I'm approved and that they are gonna call my second number to verify that it's mine. And she told me again that I was approved.

She sent me an email and it stated on my account that i was approved. So no harm done right?! WRONG! 2 hours later they send me a email talking about I was DECLINED !

WELL WHAT THE *** WAS THE POINT OF TELLING ME THAT I WAS APPROVED ! It was on the WEBSITE, the *** CSR told me I was approved and I got the *** EMAIL! A WASTE OF TIME ! I could have been looking for some place else to try and get one and you tell me after all the other places have closed !

Now they won't delete my information and still won't tell me why I was denied. It was $100 ! It's not like it was $1000 or something ! This place just wants your info to send to random creditors.

They want to sell our information. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE !

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actually *** they cant sell your info with out your consent. second only way you get declined for a payday loan is if your bank acct is inactive or youve not paid back another payday loan. and when you are declined for a loan there is a 1800 number usually attached to the denial form so that you can call and ask why you were declined....(smh)

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