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On Sept. 16,2013 I recieved a phone called from a senior loan officer named Ray Anderson saying I was approve for $5000.

All I needed to do was to show good faith that I would be able to pay the mthly pymt of$475. The money will be wired into my bank acct.I was told to purchace a green dot money pak card. I did this and the money was taken,then he assure me that the funds will refunded back with the loan,but Ray then said I needed to pay the taxes for the check to be wired into my acct which was $328,I was told to purchase another green dot card which the money was taken from that card as well, I was informed the amt would also be refunded back to me within 30 min I should receive my loan. Then within 20 min Ray Anderson called me again and said He wasn't able to transfer the money into my acct.so he needed to send it western union which I needed to purchase another green dot card this he said I promise this is the last time.

I was furious and informed him to send my money back. I don't want the loan. I don't have any more money. He said let me look into my pocket and see if I have any money oh, I have $80 can you come up with the $108 and don't worry you will get the full amt of $5911 sent to western union The $188 was to pay for the fees for western union.

Guess what still no money was sent instead this criminal called me back to say I can't pay out of my pocket the $80 for you. I will get fired. So you will get your money just go purchase another green dot card for $80. I told this *** I will not!

Return all of my money, I don't want this so called loan. I have done nothing but send you money and have not received a dime. This company is a fraud!!! MY loan approval was RTPN41572, LOAN AMT $5000, lOAN TERM 11 MTHS, mTHLY PYMT WAS $475.The Loan paper was on my email ending saying Thanks and regards Daniel Gray CEO.

RAY ANDERSON SR LOAN OFFICERS. when question the entire time Ray was saying your credit is not that good, but you will get your loan. I never received a *** dime.now my back acct is a negative. I wasn't able to pay my bills.This place should not be in business taking people money.This scam and the people who work in the advance america payday loan company are heartless dogs without a soul.I pray for a special place in *** for these people!!!!.

taking advantage of innocent people who are desperately trying to get help from what they think is suppose to be a legit company.

what a complete ripoff. Rhonda

Monetary Loss: $911.

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There is a real company that is called advance America that is actually legit, I've worked with them before but this person is not. Surprised there still working, I just got an email with the same info but this time it was a guy named Sean Richard.

The email read that I was approved for a loan of 5000 dollars with low monthly payments Loan Approval Code : LMC-814-18135. This is how he signed it Thanks Regards Shawn Richard Loan Officer Cash Advance America Pay Day Loan 469-844-0296. I've worked with cash advance so I knew it wasn't them but 5000 dollars could come in handy so I still wanted to check.

They've been calling me non stop for the past few days. I haven't answered but I can't believe you kept giving him money??


I am so happy I saw this. They called me back to back telling me I was approved for 8000.

I'm a college student. 8000 is like heaven right now but I'm not *** I needed more information.

This the first piece of info I have found on them. I can't believe they took your money


Also you will have to go into police station and tell them you need a report for fraud case to send to FBI.


Please call the FBI PALs line or call the Memphis branch of FBI. I am in Memphis.

I have a case that includes Daniel Gray and his crew. I'm glad you lost 911. I lost 77k embarrassment of course. I did file and Real FBI came to my home investigated and determined this is a legit fraud.

If you get operator ask to verbally place a complaint with FBI. An operator agent with FBI will take all notes. Mention I posted this when I saw your message. She will say they may or may not get back with you.

They were at my door the next day. This is an international gang.

I'm trying to locate where he is working out of. They are doing the long investigation because he is involved with so many names company names but arrogant enough to sign and send a phony agreement.

I have a local number but I got quicker results dialing FBI complaints under Dept of Justice until I found it.

They are on Humphreys in the Eaglecrest building by Baptist East other side of interstate.

Good luck.


Report to FBI hotline. He's under investigation


this scammers are the name of CASH BANK OF AMERICA,i receives several phone calls and reported to the police and nothing so carefull they the name of Daniel Cray CEO and Michael Smith

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1211597

How did they get your info... I ain't paying *** and they shot all my info

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1211594

Tell me more about this scam. I received something from GE Capital from a Alex Martin saying im approved for $4000 and i don't really trust this up front payment bull.

.. Didn't do it yet tell me more

to Marc Willis #1278449

They go by 10 different company names. He is head of large adv fee scammers.

Get a police report for fraud. State you were promised money by sending in money. Call the FBI office in your area and place complaint with police report number. She will say they may or may not call.

There is an FBI investigation going on him.

I do have an active case number. Everyone he contacts should flood DOJ and FBI this in in their jurisdiction.

Anderson, South Carolina, United States #1132856

Do not trust this man Daniel Gray he is a scam artist and I fell for it and he left me over drawn on my bank account and now I have no money, no power, and no food and it lapsed my insurance. He wants you to send money to a guy in Chicago IL, to a David Auman and he sends you mobile deposits and once you take the money out and send, then it leaves you broke. Cash advance America is a scam Daniel Gray and he is foreign.


I had the same thing but I caught it before I sent any money. My only worry is how did they get all my information. they had everything.


They. Called me today i was gonna go get the card but decided to look them up 1st thank u for the truth about them my email also said thanks regards daniel gray


I just went through the same thing with SR Loan Officer David Jackson, I was told that i needed to get the green dot card and show that I could make the 160 a month payment, I told him that it was illegal for him to ask me to purchase anything to get a loan he assured me that i would be able to take the amount on the card back off after they verified it, My loan company name on the contract that they emailed me was American Financial Services Association.

to Anonymous #1278454

David Jackson is *** with Daniel Grays group. They copy the real companies logo and send worthless papers.

Get a police report number for FBI.

Then call in complaint to local FBI. They are currently being investigated.


Did you get weird calls after that you name and SSN was connected to fraudulent activity?

Indio, California, United States #994581

My friend was also robbed my this theif so called Daniel Gray! A loan?

Really if you have to pay for a loan, it isnt a loan ***. You will have to answer to your maker soon. Karma is going to catch you when you least expect it.

I pray you feel remorse for stealing from vulnerable peopl. That trust the devil!!!

Middletown, Delaware, United States #932004

After experience some increased debt from the holidays and some unplanned expenses in recent months I am really in need of some minor help, and a 12-18 month repayment term. I actually inquired through a legitimate company that I used in the past and had no issues with, however then I began receiving multiple (25+ calls a day) from random numbers.

Each number I have Googled comes back with some scam attached. I received an email today from customer service 614-726-5088 saying I am preapproved for $5,000... I emailed back saying I know this is a scam, please remove my email address immediately and do not contact me again or I would report it to the authorities... so far no contact, but we'll see.

I feel bad for the innocent people who fell for this ***.

A guy called me the other day saying I was approved for anywhere from $500 - $3,000 in a loan and asked if I was interested. I entertained the idea but questioned him greatly, and it was so ridiculous. I kept it going for a little while because I wanted to catch the guy in a lie and call him out, which I eventually did. Beware!

No legitimate loan company will require you make payments through a prepaid, untraceable card / account to them. Its a scam!

Another popular scam to beware of is the IRS calls claiming back taxes owed. I received that call a few weeks ago, claiming I owed $4,200 and had to pay it immediately or the police would be at my house within 60 minutes to arrest me.

I told them to come and get me because I know I didn't owe back taxes. The IRS will NOT contact via phone, EVER. Thousands of innocent people, specifically the elderly, have been scammed by these people.

Go onto the IRS website and there is a huge write up about this scam and an area to file complaints with all of the information because there is federal investigation into this.

Beware people! Best wishes!

Clinton, North Carolina, United States #884637

And this is still happening, I was also scammed and they still trying to scammed again...

Springfield, Ohio, United States #823212

Well,this was confirmation I was looking for but hoped I wouldn’t find. I was contacted by email and the phone never stopped ringing after I went seeking some help to pay bills,to catch up after a devastating Winter and no business.

No business means no commission in my job so I am behind. Daniel Grey and Shawn Marsh were the names from my email. Too bad,it would have helped but as it is I’ll continue to be late on paying.I’m sorry for everyone who got scammed and am relieved that I am avoiding it. My question in all this is where are our government agencies in all this fraud?

We haven’t stopped regulating against fraud entirely have we?

I am going to contact the States of Washington,where Daniel Gray says he’s at and Florida,where Shawn Marsh’s phone number is from,then I’m also going to notify my own state regulatory agency. The government agencies should already have shut them down,in my opinion based on what I’ve read but they haven’t based on the continuing operation of the obvious fraudsters.

Tigard, Oregon, United States #818660
beware of the name Eric Gordon and these numbers 407)309-9486 and 1 (618)300-2192

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