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I been getting 6to 10 emails harrassing me telling me I have a warrent for my arrest and I'm going lose my Job I have I've 20 fake warrants that where sent by different people Kimberly perry -Susan johnsons -jimmy jeniffer-Stephanie smith no phone nimbers Read more

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Some *** called me from area code 310 saying i can get 5000 in 30 mins and i ask him lots of questions but he had no answer so its a indian guy and real rude ao who do i call ro report this Read more

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I had a call from a max brown out of the Nevada that I was approved for a loan but I would have to pay ins of a 149 dollars so I wired it them I had to pay the tax for wireing the money I sent them 463 dollars did not get the loan are my money back I wire the money Seattle wa not to Nevada I am going to file frad on them

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I have had several loans with Advance America. (The real one, not the scammers.) The staff is friendly and helpful some even remember me from previous visits. If you google Advance America scams you'll find a disclaimer from them warning you about the fraudulent scams it even tells you what to do if you are approached by the scammers. I've never had a problem with them. I have had unsolicited phone calls and e-mails from other companies but I... Read more

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My name is Anderinetta KENNEDY i live in Louisiana i just received a csll stated that i received a loan from you in 2014/2015 that was for 200/500 dollar and i own you guy's $671.87 if i don't pay i will go to jail please check ypur records and explain this to me

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I was recenting scam by an online Adavance America by saying that i was approved for a $5000 loan only to be left with an empty bank account these people need to be stop because people work hard for their money and if we go to these people for help and they scam you out the little money you do have we need to make a law that protects us from things like this

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I needed money to pay off bills. They offered to loan me 5 thousand dollars .the only problem was they said that they put so much in and then had me send it to someone else. I owe my bank over 3 thousand dollars because there was never any money put into my account. Read more

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I had almost the same exact experience. They called me from 803-232-5869 and said they were from Advance America and scammed money from me by offering me a 2000 dol. loan but said I needed to buy a gift card from walgreens so like a fool I bought it and gave them the number. The money I used to buy the card was the money I needed for rent. Now I'm going to be homeless unless I can replace that money some other way. Is there anything we can... Read more

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I went to use a cash advance america loan only to find when they wired me money it was out of my sons acct..i am a co owner of his account and they took all of it including my money as well i am on disabitity due to i got hurt.He said he was having problems then he wired money from his account to my account witch in fact was my sons graduation money in his account all total almost $2000.00 dollars from both accts. I filed a police report a bank... Read more

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After submitting an online application for an installment loan that matches you with several lenders I received an email saying I was approved for a 36 month $8,000 installment loan for $249/month. The "loan documents" were attached. I was immediately skeptical about this being a scam for two reasons. The first was the grammar in both the email face and the attached documents. They were typed either by a 4 year old or someone that speaks a... Read more

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